Medical Imaging

Our occlusion-free volumetric projection devices support an advancement in medical imaging for 3D visualization surrounding ultrasound diagnostics.

Medical Imaging

Our solutions aim to improve the ability to dynamically visualize any organ or physiological tissue in 3D.

First applications include obstetric ultrasounds of unborn babies, as well as the diagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA).

Other Applications

Lux Image is building a platform for the design, testing  and creation of its devices for applications in other markets, including the entertainment industry and computer aided design and drafting (CAD).

Studio jeu hologramme 3D


Lux Image holds a first patent related to the matrix (hybrid nano composite materials / laser scanning system / application in volumetric projection).

It validates our unique process for the synthesis and manufacture of a polymer matrix doped with nano radiative emitters and additives for application in a volumetric projection system.



Laval University
COPL, Centre d’optique photonique et laser